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providing a better alternative for the supply of
precision machined parts since 1986.

Industries We Serve
The commitment to quality products and service excellence from MBS Manufacturing Incorporated is shown by their recognition from the many and varied customers to whom we provide our services.

We have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of equipment, parts, services, and innovative technical solutions within various industries, for example:

Our specialized technicians are able to provide original alternatives for customers to solve a wide and varied range of precision machining needs and challenges. As a foremost provider in our field of operations since 1986, we have the capacity to deliver the finest quality engineering, machining, welding and repair services. Our dedication extends through all phases of a process to ensure our customers receive the overall quality they deserve.

Experience and customer support

We maintain and support our high standard of industrial servicing with a team of experienced technologists and engineers. They are trained in the use of advanced Computer Assisted Design (CAD) technology and customers have proven experiences of how they are able to depend on our comprehensive knowledge and abilities to provide original, effective solutions for their issues. Whether you are seeking a new or re-design, reversible-engineering, ideas for fresh concepts or to final commissioning, MBS Manufacturing Inc. has the resources, means and innovative experience to assist you.

MBS Manufacturing Inc. has an efficient and highly effective machine shop, located in an operational space of more than 9000 square feet. To ensure the best possible accuracy we employ Computer Numerical Control (CNC) facilities. This innovative tool has the capability of converting the design constructed by the CAD system, into a numerical formula. With this computerized method, any cutting or shaping of a material is controlled. 


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Tools & Bearings

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Stihl Chainsaw


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Tools & Accessories