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precision machined parts since 1986.

Our Products
From our 9000 square feet production facility in Chicago, Illinois, MBS Mfg. Inc. have invested in the best available equipment to produce the finest quality products and customer service excellence.

We have attained established experience in the production of:

These advantages, combined with our understanding of requirements related to the tooling industry, helps make us an asset in meeting your particular objectives.

Our retail website

Our company has its own website for the sale of tools by small wholesale and retail : www.mbsmfg.com

Meeting particular needs

We pride ourselves in the care taken in meeting the particular needs of our customers. This can relate to a specific part requiring high volume production, or a multiple machining operation that could affect the production rate. Our sophisticated operating methods and highly efficient state-of-the-art equipment can provide the answers to meeting your high volume production needs.

MBS Mfg. Inc. is a major provider in the precision machining industry, with the capacity to deliver quality, economical, products in practically any volume. Within our versatile range of precision machining facilities, we offer specialization centers designed for the production of larger diameter parts, needing a heavy machining service. Additional customer support is provided by our capability to custom design automated secondary equipment. This is cost-effective machining that generally exceeds your specifications and determined tolerances!

Inter-active communication

Our extensive resources of knowledge and experience regarding materials and manufacturing processes, give us the opportunity to assist our customers by identifying various and unnecessary features of a design that may influence production costs. This is an inherent part of our service excellence program, designed to optimize a product design and provide significant savings and manufacturing cost effectiveness.

During a development and manufacturing process, we will diligently conform to your blueprint, or provide assistance in meeting the specifications demanded. Our highly qualified technicians will be available to provide technical assistance to your work in close co-operation with your engineering and manufacturing departments, if required.


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Harley Davidson
Tools & Bearings

Dental Lab

Stihl Chainsaw


Marine Flywheel
Pullers and Tools

Motorcycle Hex
Axle Tools

Tools & Accessories

Tools & Accessories