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providing a better alternative for the supply of
precision machined parts since 1986.

Markets We Serve
Since 1986, MBS Manufacturing Incorporated has continued to establish its reputation for product quality and service excellence, to small businesses and major corporations.

With the ever-increasing market competition and the need for cost effectiveness, the drive to produce the finest quality products at the best price continues to be a significant motivation in manufacturing processes.

The markets we serve are no exception and it has been a factor in our approach to provide determined, market-related services, which are efficiently cost effective, for our customers.

Our mission to achieve this type of service in the various market sectors we serve has seen our production facility continue to advance, with the ongoing introduction of the latest technology.

Among the high profile markets we serve with high precisions machining services are:

Precision machining assumed a new level of competence with the introduction of Computer Numerical Control (CNC). It is a process designed to utilize computers for the control of machine tools, such as:

The end product performance in any type of market begins with a precise machining process. CNC offers our customers significant advantages over manual machining, with the benefit of ongoing repetition of the same, product task to the exact specifications. Our customers’ further benefit with this market related process by being able to demand a wide and varied range of complex shapes deemed practically impossible with manual machining methods.

High levels and repetitive precision

The CNC machining process is used for many of our customers, whose needs require complex, three-dimensional forms, or require a high degree of precision, or involve repetitive tasks. At first glance, the CNC equipment may give the impression of being a usual PC, in control of the machines operation. However, the original software and control consol soon dispel that theory!

CNC offers precise machining that enhances the objectives of MBS Manufacturing Incorporated, to provide the most exacting products and services to our customers. With the use of CNC machining, tools are caused to function by way of numerical control. A product is subjected to a customized computer program in a CNC machining language, known as “G-code.”

In essence, it is designed to control features, in the manufacture of items from metal and plastic, such as:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated by our dedication to providing the best possible all-round quality of product and service. Our attention to customer needs is supported with determined precision manufacturing equipment and highly trained skilled employees. 


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